Finnish films in Cannes 2022

Image: The Woodcutter Story, photographer Tero Ahonen / Aamu Film Company

We have a new meeting place in Cannes!

Welcome to the Scandinavian House! The new hub for Scandinavian Films is located very centrally, across the street from Palais des Festivals, on 11 Square Mérimée. Come and meet us there!

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You can also set up an online meeting with our International team to discuss Finnish films and how we can help your festival find the films you need.

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Attending Cannes 2022

Lasse Saarinen

Chief Executive Officer

+ 358 9 6220 300

Jaana Puskala

Head of International Department

• managing international promotion
• project support for international promotion: feature films

+ 358 9 6220 3026

Jenni Domingo

International Promotion Coordinator

• festival distribution strategy for feature films
• travel support and material support for international promotion: feature films

+ 358 9 6220 3032

Arttu Manninen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films

• deputy Jan 28, 2022 – Apr 30, 2023
• festival distribution strategy for documentary films
• project, travel and material support for international promotion: documentary films

+ 358 44 491 9069

Otto Suuronen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Short Films

• festival distribution strategy for short films and short documentary films
• project, travel and material support for international promotion: short films and short documentary films
• monthly short film screenings at Kino K13
• curating short film programmes

+ 358 9 6220 3019

Matti Paunio

Head of Production

• management of the production department
• coordinating the Foundation’s international training and co-production projects
• the Finnish representative in the Eurimages Fund
• support for the promotion of other film culture

+358 9 6220 3038

Ilkka Mertsola

Film Commissioner

• development support and production support: feature films
• development support for drama series (episodes 22 minutes and over)
• slate development support
•50/50 production support

+358 9 6220 3012

In Semainde de la critique

The Woodcutter Story

Original title: Metsurin tarina
Written and directed by Mikko Myllylahti
Produced by Film Company Aamu
International sales: Totem Films

Pepe is a woodcutter in an idyllic small town in Finland. In the span of a couple of days, a series of tragic events gradually destroys his quiet and happy life – but Pepe seems to be fine with it all. As if he held a secret to existence that is hard to grasp.

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Minority co-production in Competition

Boy From Heaven

Directed by Tarik Saleh
Produced by Atmo Sweden
Finnish co-production company Bufo

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Marché du Film

Short Film Corner: Producers’ Room

Finnish films in Short Film Corner


By PV Lehtinen


Rabobesto – Or How I Saved a Monster

By Mari Mantela

Rabobesto – Or How I Saved a Monster


By Teemu Nikki


Cannes Docs: Docs-in-Progress

On Saturday, May 21, 2022

Clout Chasers – Like, Follow and Love Me! 

By Anna-Maija Heinonen and Krista Moisio
Production company: Polygraf

Gen Z has created a new set of rules on how to gain the approval of their peers. This need for approval has created a phenomenon and a subculture called clout or clout chasing. 

Clout Chasers is a modern coming-of-age story that mixes observational material with social media content, produced by the main characters in the film.



Finnish films screening in Marché du Film

Marché du Film

The Grump: In Search of an Escort

By Mika Kaurismäki
Sales: The Yellow Affair

Film in catalogue


Karaoke Paradise

By Einari Paakkanen
Sales: Rise and Shine World Sales

Film in catalogue

The Wait

Directed by Aku Louhimies
International sales: Wide

Film in catalogue

In Semaine de la Critique

The Woodcutter Story

By Mikko Myllylahti
Sales: Totem Films

Film in catalogue

Yellow Sulphur Sky

By Claes Olsson
Sales: Feel Content

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