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Arttu Manninen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films

• deputy Jan 28, 2022 – Apr 30, 2023
• festival distribution strategy for documentary films
• project, travel and material support for international promotion: documentary films

+ 358 44 491 9069

In Thessaloniki & CPH:DOX

The Last Seagull

By Tonislav Hristov
Produced by
Making Movies

Bulgarian “seagull” Ivan, 58, has been escorting wealthy foreign ladies at Sunny Beach resort for 40 years. He’s getting old and tired. The pandemic does not make the work any easier. Ivan would like to settle down and reconnect with his son in Ukraine who does not answer his calls – until spring 2022 arrives.

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In CPH:DOX / Nordic:Dox Competition

The Gamer

By Jesse Jokinen & Petri Luukkainen
Produced by napafilms

A young gamer called Bona has been trying to find his way in the harsh world of esports. He is very talented in CS:GO, but his mental side fails him every time on the verge of success, always resulting in second place. Bona seeks help from the world’s best esports psychologist Mia. The sessions with her set him on a path to self discovery to become a better player – and a person. 

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Lynx Man

By Juha Suonpää
Produced by Wacky Tie Films

Lynx Man is a documentary about pensioner Hannu’s entrancing journey towards finding a connection with the Eurasian lynx hiding in the forests. With his trail cameras, Hannu opens a gateway into the Finnish nature and towards a genuine connection with environment.

Can Hannu save the Eurasian lynx, or is it in fact nature who ultimately saves the man?

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In CPH:DOX Change Makers

Ruthless Times – Songs of Care

By Susanna Helke
Produced by Road Movies
Previous festivals: Locarno, Nordisk Panorama, IDFA Frontlight

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Projects in CPH:DOX Forum

Once Upon a Time in a Forest

By Virpi Suutari
Production company: Euphoria Film

By Tonislav Hristov
Production company: Making Movies

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More fresh documentaries

Monica in the South Seas

By Sami van Ingen & Mika Taanila
: Rotterdam, Göteborg, DocPoint Helsinki

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The Kind Stranger

By Sini Hormio & Anu Silfverberg
Premiere: DocPoint Helsinki

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Rap and Reindeer

By Petteri Saario
Premiere: DocPoint Helsinki

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10 Letters to the Future

By a collective of filmmakers
Premiere: DocPoint Helsinki

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