Meet the Finns at IDFA 2022

November 9-20

Discover the Finnish documentaries at IDFA

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Finnish Documentaries at IDFA

IN IDFA Competition for Youth Documentary

Jasmin’s Two Homes

Directed by Inka Achté, Hanna Karppinen

The 8-year-old Jasmin was never able to understand why people keep asking her where she is from. From Finland of course! When Jasmin’s parents finally decide to move the entire family back to their home country Somaliland, Jasmin is faced with the biggest change in her life.

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IDFA Frontlight

The Night My Brother Disappeared

Directed by Anna Blom

An overcrowded boat carrying Eritrean refugees sinks near the Italian coast. The human rights activist Adal Neguse learns that his brother was one of the victims. Adal decides to contact the survivors in order to find out what really happened. The encounters give birth to a collective testimony, marked by sorrow, guilt and hope.

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IDFA Masters

Ruthless Times – Songs of Care

Directed by Susanna Helke

With choral tableaus juxtaposed with documentary episodes and dark humor, the film captures the experiences of those working in the field of healthcare: a care worker blacklisted for revealing malpractices in her unit, the retirees of a remote municipality witnessing the privatization of their care services, robots roaming the halls of care homes.

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IDFA Best of Fests

The New Greatness Case

Directed by Anna Shishova

Anya was an ordinary teenager who dreamed of making life in Russia better. In March 2018, she was arrested and incarcerated on fabricated charges of extremism. Three years later, her mother continues her desperate fight to prove her daughter’s innocence.

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IDFA Focus: Around Masculinity

The 3 Rooms of Melancholia

Directed by Pirjo Honkasalo

The Chechen war is the setting for the film. The inability of adults to resolve the war gives rise to a generation upon whom hatred has been visited like the issue of a deity incarnate. Children have taken on a burden of hatred which they believe springs from within.

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Minority co-productions in Best of Fests

African Moot

Directed by Shameela Seedat
Finnish co-production company: Tuffi Films

A House Made of Splinters

Directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont
Finnish co-production company: Donkey Hotel


Directed by Guy Davidi
Finnish co-production company: Making Movies

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