Finnish films at Nordisk Panorama 2021

September 16–21

Discover the Finnish short and documentary features selected to Nordisk Panorama!

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Documentary Competition

Eatnameamet – Our Silent Struggle

Directed by Suvi West

The film reveals multiple colonial acts done by the State of Finland towards the Sámi people and reveals the government’s attitude towards the Sámi.

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Lost Boys

Directed by Joonas Neuvonen & Sadri Cetinkaya

A film about damnation – about three men lost in a drug hell, defeated in the game of life, disappearing into the streets of Cambodia.

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School of Hope

Directed by Mohamed el Aboudi

School of Hope follows the nomadic Oulad Boukais Tribe, whose children walk miles to a tiny schoolhouse, built by their parents, in the hope that education can prepare the next generation for new ways of life.

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In Short Film Competition

The Bouncer

Directed by Aleksi Salmenperä

A night club bouncer gets disgusted of all the violence and repression of the weak he is seeing. He has to act to protect the victims.

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Night of the Living Dicks

Directed by Ilja Rautsi

A horror comedy about a woman who, fed up with getting dick pics, finds a pair of glasses that reveal which men are actual dicks – and the dicks are not happy about it.

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To Make a Film Just to Meet Vera

Directed by Pinja Valja


Directed by Anssi Määttä

In New Nordic Voice

Solitaire Dance

Directed by Antti Lempiäinen

In the ruins of communality a growing number of people are left alone. By focusing on the everyday experience with emotional and social loneliness the film zooms out to a wider problem of a structural loneliness in western societies.

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The Problem of the Hydra

Directed by Maija Tammi

Easy Panties

Directed by Marlena Martikainen

In Young Nordic Competition

Bye Bye Tornio

Directed by Emilia Hernesniemi

In Co-Financing Forum

Finnish projects pitching in the forum are:

  • Carmen (Tuffi Films, dir. Pihla Viitala)
  • Nasrin’s Voice (Image Club, dir. Kaisa Rastimo)
  • Lynx Man (Wacky Tie Films, dir. Juha Suonpää) – Finnish Film Foundation’s Wild Card – pictured

Projects with Observer+ status:

  • The Last Misfits by the Golden River (Danish Bear Productions, dir. Juho-Pekka Tanskanen)
  • Lock-In (Making Movies, dir. Chico Pereira)
  • Máhccan – Homecoming (Vaski Filmi, dir. Suvi West)
  • Mono No Aware (Wright & Co., dir. Timo Wright)

Nordic Short Film Pitch

Read our article about the Finnish projects in the Nordic Short Film Pitch, A Very Bad Night (Kenno Filmi) and Anna (Silva Mysterium).

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Other programme

Cinema Walk

  • Light Snatcher (dir. Charlotte Airas)
  • A People’s Radio (dir. Virpi Suutari)
  • Still Lives (dir. Elli Vuorinen)

Special Programme

  • A People’s Radio (dir. Virpi Suutari)
  • Fucking Bunnies (dir. Teemu Niukkanen)