Finnish films at Nordisk Panorama 2022

September 22–27

Discover the Finnish short and documentary films selected to Nordisk Panorama!

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Attending Nordisk Panorama (September 23–27)

Arttu Manninen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Documentary Films

• deputy Jan 28, 2022 – Apr 30, 2023
• festival distribution strategy for documentary films
• project, travel and material support for international promotion: documentary films

+ 358 44 491 9069

Otto Suuronen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Short Films

• festival distribution strategy for short films and short documentary films
• project, travel and material support for international promotion: short films and short documentary films
• monthly short film screenings at Kino K13
• curating short film programmes

+ 358 9 6220 3019

In Documentary Competition

Golden Land

Directed by Inka Achté

When Finnish-Somalian Mustafe discovers his ancestors’ land in the horn of Africa is full of copper and gold, he decides to swap his family’s safe but boring life in the Nordics for Somaliland, a self-declared state in East Africa.

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Ruthless Times – Songs of Care

Directed by Susanna Helke

A documentary film with choral tableaus juxtaposed with documentary episodes. With its dark humor and poignant moments, it captures the experiences of those working in the field of healthcare.

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Invisible Demons

Directed by Rahul Jain
Produced by Iikka Vehkalahti / Toinen katse

Minority co-production

A House Made of Splinters

Directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont
Finnish co-producer: Sami Jahnukainen / Donkey Hotel

In Short Film Competition

Le Saboteur

Directed by Anssi Kasitonni

True Bug

Directed by Tuisku Lehto

Minority co-production

Lizard Brain

Directed by Elisabeth Marjanovic Cronvall
Finnish co-producer: Emilia Haukka / Aamu Film Company

In New Nordic Voice


Directed by Mikko Mäkelä

On furlough from his military service, Niko pays his estranged father a visit. Can old wounds heal?

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Directed by Iqlaas Osman, Anton Tammi and Rukia Mahamed

Blue Note

Directed by Pavel Andonov

In Young Nordic Competition

The Landing

Directed by Kaisa Penttilä

A girl is spending the day in a zoo with her mom and bunch of other tourists. Suddenly an unknown ship floats in the dock of the zoo and two strange looking creatures step out. The tourists are insecure about where the newcomers belong. Are they friends or enemies?

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In Co-Financing Forum

Finnish projects pitching:

  • Clout Chasers – like, follow and love me (Polygraf, dir. Krista Moisio & Anna-Maija Heinonen)
  • In a Box (Tuffi Films, dir. Liinu Grönlund & Okku Nuutilainen)
  • Regina (Mediawan Finland, dir. Panu Suuronen)
  • Like Father Like Son (Mouka Film, dir. Jukka Kärkkäinen)
  • Last Carriage (napafilms, dir. Inka Achté)

Finnish projects with Observer+ status:

  • Finnish Bears (Kameron, dir. Otso Alanko)
  • My Beloved Child (Oktober, dir. Joonas Berghäll)
  • The Last Chapter (Icebreaker Productions, dir. Mohamed El Aboudi)
  • Do No Harm (Kolmas Näytös, dir. Satu Majava & Joel Tainio)
  • Burn the Ginger (Emerald Gate Industries, dir. Oskari Pastila)

Other programme

Cinema Walk

  • Clumsy Little Acts of Tenderness (dir. Miia Tervo)
  • How to Pick Berries (dir. Elina Talvensaari)
  • The Death of an Insect (dir. Hannes Vartiainen & Pekka Veikkolainen)
  • Listen (dir. Hamy Ramezan & Rungano Nyoni)
  • Do You Still Remember Hilma Limperi (dir. Jukka Kärkkäinen)
  • Fantasy (dir. Teemu Nikki)
  • Old Man and the Lady (dir. Markku Heikkinen)

Special Programme

  • Aalto (dir. Virpi Suutari)

Myths, Folk and Fairytale: Spirits From the North

  • Flames (dir. Marja Viitahuhta)
  • Mieronsuo – Kiperkotška (dir. Topi Raulo, Lotta Taarasti & Ville Tolvanen)
  • Tales of the Outback (dir. Lauri Ketonen & Konsta Verta)

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