Toronto IFF 2023

The Finnish productions selected to TIFF highlight the diversity of the Finnish industry: two feature films, a documentary film, an animated short film and a drama series.

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world premiere


By Suvi West, Anssi Kömi

The emotionally broken Sámi people finally get back their stolen ancestral heritage. The indigenous film director Suvi faces the collective pains and starts to break the outside image of them, not only for herself but for the wellbeing of the whole nation.

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Fallen Leaves

By Aki Kaurismäki

The film tells the story of Ansa, a supermarket shelf-stocker on a zero-hour contract, later a recyclable plastic sorter, and Holappa, a sandblaster, an alcoholic, later an ex-alcoholic, whose paths have accidentally crossed and who, despite adversity and misunderstandings, try to build some kind of relationship on the harsher side of the welfare state.

Selected festivals: Cannes Official Competition (Prix du jury), Sydney, Karlovy Vary, New York Film Festival / Film in catalogue


By Katja Gauriloff

An aunt and her niece who have never met before drive to Lapland to empty a house they’ve inherited. Turns out the withdrawn and distrusting aunt had been a victim of the assimilation policies and the niece has to make a big decision. By taking interest in each other they find value in themselves and their roots.

World premiere: Tribeca 2023

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World premiere


Showrunner: Miikko Oikkonen
Production company: Fisher King
Sales: Beta Film

Estonia is an 8-episode, international co-production between Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Belgium. The drama series focuses on the tragic sinking of MS Estonia in 1994 and the investigation that ensued.

Short Cuts

Nun or Never!

By Heta Jäälinoja

The nuns are living melted together in happy harmony. When one nun finds a man in the garden, the harmony breaks and she loses the rhythm with others. When her dreams do not come true, she finds out that everyone in the community has their own hidden universe.

World premiere: Annecy Official Competition 2023 Film in catalogue

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