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2020 | 103 min



A documentary film journey into the life and work of one of the greatest modern architects Alvar Aalto. The film shares for the first time the intimate love story of Alvar and his architect wife Aino Aalto. It takes the viewer on a cinematic tour to their creative processes and iconic buildings all over the world. We visit their library in Russia, a student dormitory at MIT, an art collector´s private house near Paris – and many other unique places.

DIRECTOR: Virpi Suutari
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Heikki Färm, Jani Kumpulainen
EDITING: Jussi Rautaniemi
MUSIC: Sanna Salmenkallio
PRODUCERS: Timo Vierimaa, Virpi Suutari, Martti Suosalo
SALES: Autlook Film Sales


Virpi Suutari

is an awarded filmmaker known for her cinematic style and emotional narratives. Her films have been shown all over the world. The Idle Ones (2001) was nominated for the Best European Documentary (EFA) and she has got several awards as the Best Nordic Documentary. Her latest film, Entrepreneur, was in the master’s selection at IDFA 2018. Virpi has received the national Jussi Award three times.

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