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2021 | 13 min

All Tender Things

Kaikki herkät jutut


All Tender Things tells a story about six characters gathered around a campfire. When the flames starts to fade the fire needs to be fed. One by one sacred things are thrown to the flames. Books are sufficient at first, but as the night grows darker, human sacrifice is required.

DIRECTOR: Tatu Pohjavirta
SCREENWRITER: Tatu Pohjavirta
EDITING: Tatu Pohjavirta
MUSIC: Ville Kabrell
PRODUCERS: Aleksi Pohjavirta, Tatu Pohjavirta


Tatu Pohjavirta

was born in 1977 in Helsinki, Finland. He studied animation at Turku Arts Academy. After graduation in 2001 he has worked as freelance director, producer, animator and teacher of animation. His best known work is a half hour puppet animation Elukka (Animal).

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