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2020 | 86 min

Anerca, Breath of Life

Anerca, elämän hengitys


A narrative film about the world of people living in the Arctic, their situation as it is right now. The film progresses through the power of music, dance, performance and depiction of everyday life. Gaining your daily subsistence, the ordinary life is the central source for music and other kinds of self-expression. It is life itself breathing.

World premiere:
Visions du Réel 2020 / Jury Prize Région de Nyon
DIRECTORS: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio
EDITING: Johannes Lehmuskallio, Markku Lehmuskallio
ANIMATION: Kati Bondestam, Sanna-Mari Pirkola
SOUND DESIGN: Martti Turunen


Johannes Lehmuskallio

has worked in different areas of film industry since 1994.

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Markku Lehmuskallio

Markku Lehmuskallio started directing films in 1973. His films often portray traditional life and indigenous people in the Arctic hemisphere and have earned him recognition and awards worldwide. He worked for many years with the Nenets filmmaker Anastasia Lapsui, and in recent years, his close collaborator has been Johannes Lehmuskallio.

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