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2020 | 93 min



Eden is a coming-of-age film about a Protestant Confirmation camp on a summer’s week, set in the archipelago of Helsinki. Aliisa is the intellectually confident non-believer, Jenna is the queen bee and Panu is the scared bird. The experience of these teenagers is affected by Tiina, a young and eager priest. Eden is a film about group identities and about conforming to the values of others.

DIRECTOR: Ulla Heikkilä
SCREENWRITER: Ulla Heikkilä 
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Pietari Peltola 
EDITING: Hanna Kuirinlahti 
MUSIC: Mikko Pykäri 
CAST: Aamu Milonoff, Linnea Skog, Bruno Baer, Satu Tuuli Karhu, Tommi Korpela
PRODUCER: Miia Haavisto
SALES: Film Republic


Ulla Heikkilä

(b. 1989) is a Helsinki-based director-screenwriter. She holds an MFA in film directing from Aalto University. Heikkilä has directed several short films and theatre, and she has worked as a staff writer in TV. Her latest shorts are #Barewithme (2018) and Let Her Speak (a part of the anthology One-Off Incident, 2019).

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