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Expected 2022

Karaoke Paradise



Evi, Finland’s most experienced karaoke hostess, wants to hug her customers’ pain away. With thousands of bars and kilometres behind her, yet again she packs her equipment and travels through the northern landscapes of Finland. Toni, the shyest guy in the world, catches everyone’s eye on the stage. Kari is searching for love and sings in his empty karaoke car repair shop. Elina can hardly walk because of Parkinson’s, but punk songs make her dance. Laura sings because talking is too painful. Karaoke Paradise is a story of how the Finns have found a unique way out of loneliness.

DIRECTOR: Einari Paakkanen
SCRIPT: Einari Paakkanen
EDITING: Antti Reikko, Einari Paakkanen
SOUND DESIGNER: Pietu Korhonen
PRODUCER: Marianne Mäkelä
SALES: Rise and Shine World Sales


Einari Paakkanen

graduated as a Bachelor of Arts from the Turku University of Applied Sciences (Arts Academy), and did his Master’s degree in Documentary Directing in Barcelona. Paakkanen has directed both fiction and documentary films. Paakkanen has made a long career as a location manager.

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