• comedy ,
  • Short films
2020 | 12 min

Kill Anneli


Kaisa is a relentless overachiever and it’s already hurting her job as an elementary school teacher. To make everything worse Kaisa has to work with the effortlessly perfect Anneli. Whatever Kaisa does, Anneli does better, especially when it comes to the school holiday celebrations. Things get bloody when the results of the teachers’ gingerbread house competition are announced. Will anyone win?

DIRECTOR: Antti Holma
EDITING: Kimmo Taavila
MUSIC: Emmanuel Ceysson
SOUND DESIGN: Pekka Karjalainen
CAST: Laura Birn, Pirkko Hämäläinen, Pietu Wikström, Anna-Leena Sipilä, Ville Myllyrinne, Antti Tuomas Heikkinen
PRODUCER: Sirkka Rautiainen
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Delta Stories Scandinavia


Antti Holma

is an actor, author, writer, poet and now also a director of his debut short film. Born in Helsinki in 1982 and brought up in the small town of Sonkajärvi, Holma now lives between New York and Helsinki. His work especially on queer subjects has been recognized both in prose and acting, Holma thinks the best way to change structures is simply to constantly create.

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