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2020 | 99 min

Lost Boys


Lost Boys is a documentary about damnation – about three men lost in a drug hell, defeated in the game of life, disappearing into the streets of Cambodia. Ten years ago the men enjoyed the success of Reindeerspotting, a film documenting their drug-fuelled life in Northern Finland. The party comes to an end when one of them dies a violent death in Phnom Penh. Joonas, the director of the film, is looking for his own truth about what happened among the drugs and the gloom.

CPH:DOX 2021 / in DOX:AWARD main competition
HotDocs 2021
: Joonas Neuvonen, Sadri Cetinkaya
SCREENWRITERS: Joonas Neuvonen, Sadri Cetinkaya, Venla Varha
EDITING: Sadri Cetinkaya, Venla Varha
PRODUCER: Miia Haavisto
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Tekele Productions, Helsinki-filmi
SALES: First Hand Films


Joonas Neuvonen

(b. 1979) is known in Finland for his debut documentary Reindeerspotting – Escape from Santaland, the biggest Finnish documentary hit in cinemas of all times in 2010. It was also awarded at the Locarno Film Festival.

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Sadri Cetinkaya

(b. 1979) is the editor and co-writer of Reindeerspotting. He is also the editor of the feature documentary Mr. Governor by Måns Månsson. Cetinkaya is currently doing a Master’s Degree at the Aalto University.

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