2019 | 28 min
  • LGBTIQ+ ,
  • Documentary films, under 30min

Manning Up


James Lórien MacDonald – Jamie to his friends – has come a long way since he thought he was the world’s worst lesbian. At 37 years old, he begins testosterone treatments as he transitions from female to male, and at the same time shakes up his fledgling stand-up comedy career by taking every audience with him on this bewildering testosterone-fuelled ride.

DIRECTOR: Aira Vehaskari
SCREENWRITER: Aira Vehaskari
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Aira Vehaskari, Kai Simon Fredriksen
EDITING: Antti Tuomikoski
SOUND DESIGN: Janne Jankeri, Jani Ruohomaa
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Tuomas Korolainen
PRODUCER: Jouko Aaltonen


Aira Vehaskari

has a Master's degree in journalism from Columbia University, and has worked all over the world, from the Brazilian rainforests to the minefields of Cambodia. She began producing a number of short docs as a journalist for the Finnish National Broadcasting Company Yle and CNN before turning her skills to half-hour films. A dual American-Finnish citizen, she is currently based in New Orleans.

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