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2020 | 59 min

Silicon Valley, Baby

Silicon Valley, Baby


Startup founder Kalle wants to change the life of one billion people. His wife films the everyday struggle: from raising $ 3 million, to getting accepted to startup incubator Y Combinator, to losing it, the business and the relationship. Why do so many think that going after your startup dreams in Silicon Valley is worth sacrificing everything?

DIRECTOR: Erika Haavisto 
SCREENWRITERS: Heli Sirviö, Erika Haavisto 
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jussi Häyhä, Erika Haavisto 
SOUND: Pinja Mustajoki 
EDITING: Jussi Sandhu / Wacky Tie Films 
MUSIC: Tommi Mäki 
PRODUCER: Heli Sirviö, Wille Lehtovaara 


Erika Haavisto

is a filmmaker from Helsinki, Finland. She graduated from a Master’s program in film production from Lund University, Sweden in 2015. Her short documentary Coffee First premiered on the Finnish national TV. Silicon Valley, Baby opened at the DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival in 2020.

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