2019 | 7 min
  • art/experimental ,
  • Documentary films, under 30min

The Enemy Within Me

Vihollinen sisälläni


The story of a young girl looks into the issues surrounding the self-harm phenomenon. It seems that physical pain relieves inner anxiety and loneliness. Teenagers perceive their own bodies as the only thing they can influence and control; pain and blood can induce a sense of independence and true existence. Despite the scars all over her body, our heroine finally manages to find a way to come to terms with herself and her life.

DIRECTOR: Milja Viita
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Milja Viita, Veli Granö
SOUND: Veli Granö
EDITING: Milja Viita
MUSIC: Manuele Atzeni, Viljami Mehto, Vilma Virtanen
PRODUCER: Veli Granö
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Filemo                                             


Milja Viita

is a visual artist working with cinematic installations and films by using experimental and documentary material. Her works are characterized by memories and small and familiar phenomenons that are made significant by visual narration.

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