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The Hullabaloos!



The Hullabaloos is a joyful and eventful childrens film about a happy family, who always stick together whatever happens – and a lot happens. They do things their own way and other people around them aren’t always happy about it because they are so loud. But a loving family is what they have and that’s what this film cherishes.

DIRECTOR: Reetta Huhtanen
SCRIPT: Jenny Dahlström, John Lundsten
PRODUCERS: Melli Maikkula, John Lundsten


Reetta Huhtanen

is a filmmaker based in Helsinki. She has graduated with a Master of Arts in documentary film directing from Aalto University. She has also graduated as BA in Sociology and Philosophy from the University of Helsinki. Her films The Coffee Break, about three eternal students, and Economic Forecasters, an absurdist look into the inscrutable world of economics, have been widely exhibited at international film festivals. Her feature documentary Gods of Molenbeek, a Finnish-Belgian-German co-production, premiered as the opening film of Visions du Réel in 2019.

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