2019 | 79 min
  • human rights/social issues ,
  • Documentary films, over 30 min

Typhoon Mama


Director’s stepmother Yolanda, a Filipino woman married and living in Sweden, faces a balancing act for many immigrants: working a grueling job as a maid to keep up with having to pay unrealistic remittances to her three sons back home in the Philippines. When her grandson dies under suspicious circumstances, the family dynamics changes unexpectedly.

DIRECTOR: Lou Strömberg 
SCREENWRITER: Lou Strömberg 
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Lou Strömberg, Mikko Parttimaa 
EDITING: Tuula Mehtonen 
SOUNDOlli Huhtanen 
MUSICAural Holograms – Antti Haapapuro & Jussi Saivo 
PRODUCERS: Pertti Veijalainen, Marianne Mäkelä 


Lou Strömberg

(b. 1987) is a documentary director-writer, sound recordist and sound designer. She studied film in Lahti Institute of Art and Design. She started to film her stepmother by herself in 2013 and two years later production company Illume came on board. Typhoon Mama is Strömberg’s feature-length documentary debut. Strömberg is interested in contradictions in people and humans right and feminist topics.

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