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Expected 2022 | 95 min



Europe is a mortally sick woman who is killing time with her Chinese Man Machine. They are at their last post. Outside lies a snow covered wasteland.
Elsewhere, on a glacier is an institute, where a group of nurses are faithfully playing their regressive part in the execution of a new world order. Their trance is disrupted by a stranger.
All is lost.The final act is about to begin.
DIRECTOR: Anna Eriksson
PRODUCER: Matti Pyykkö
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Ihode Cursum Perficio Production


Anna Eriksson

Anna Eriksson is a filmmaker and musician. After a long career as one of the most popular singers in Finland, Eriksson took time away from her multi-award-winning music career in order to concentrate in the making of the art film M which premiered at the 33rd Venice International Critics’ Week in 2018. W is her second feature film.

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