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2022 | 83 min

Just Animals



More than ten years ago Saila confessed openly that she was one of the activists who had secretly filmed animal farms. Saila spent three years of her youth in a legal battle where the prosecutor sought a jail sentence for her and the farmers wanted extreme compensation.
Saila’s sister Mai chose a different path, politics, and Saila fears that her biggest activist idol might become part of the machinery they had been fighting against.
Kristo, a leading activist, saw Saila as the next hope for the movement, but Saila doesn’t want to witness the animals’ suffering anymore. She needs to save herself, and find out what kind of an activist and person she really is.
International premiere: CPH:DOX 2022 Nordic Competition
DIRECTORS: Vesa Kuosmanen, Saila Kivelä
SCRIPT: Vesa Kuosmanen, Saila Kivelä
EDITING: Jussi Sandhu, Anniina Kauttonen
SOUND DESIGN: Aleksi Tegel
COMPOSER: Karin Mäkiranta
PRODUCERS: Elli Toivoniemi, Venla Hellstedt, Juha Löppönen
SALES: The Yellow Affair


Vesa Kuosmanen

Vesa Kuosmanen is a Helsinki-based film director and screenwriter. He graduated from the Skillset Screen Academy Wales in 2009. Since that Vesa has directed the feature film Night Goes Long and various short films, co-founded a vegan culture space and produced several film related events. 

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Saila Kivelä

Saila Kivelä holds a BA in political science and communication from University of Helsinki. Saila has worked as a journalist and produced cultural events, while mainly working on animal rights related issues. We Are Animals is her first film. She began to document her trial in 2011.

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