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2021 | 80 min

Price of Peace

Ikuiseen rauhaan


Price of Peace is a documentary about Arndt Pekurinen and the peace movement of the early 20th century. Pekurinen spoke out for non-violence, non-proliferation and peace, and received support for his actions around the world. In Finland, however, his worldview collided with the nationalist and militaristic atmosphere of the era. He was considered a troublemaker, a traitor, and a caricature of masculinity. The film is a universal account of a man persecuted for his opinions. Pekurinen was executed in the Continuation War on November 5, 1941.

DIRECTOR: Ville Suhonen
SCRIPT: Ville Suhonen
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Marita Hällförs, Juice Huhtala
EDITING: Antti Tuomikoski
MUSIC: Lau Nau
SOUND DESIGN: Pietari Koskinen
CAST: Joonas Saartamo, Elena Leeve, Vilma Melasniemi, Olavi Uusivirta, Lauri Tilkanen, Hannu-Pekka Björkman, Taisto Oksanen, Olli Uosukainen, Nicklas Wancke
PRODUCERS: Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava


Ville Suhonen

Ville Suhonen has worked as a freelance film director as well as film and culture critic since 1985. He has directed over 30 films: documentaries, nature films, short fictions, dance- and music videos (e.g. by Värttinä and Angelin tytöt). He has also wrote and co-directed box office hits, like feature adventure "Tommy and the Wildcat" and nature documentary "Tale of a Forest". His films have been sold to over 100 countries and visited over 100 festivals. He has also wrote three novels and a nature book based on the "Tale of a Forest".

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