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December 2021 | 77 min

Tale of the Sleeping Giants

Tunturin tarina


The fells of Lapland are sleeping giants. That's what ancient myths tell us. Up in the North, they seem to have frozen into a bowing posture. One has to wonder if they know how the world was born? Do they remember? Join us to uncover their tale!

Marko Röhr
Antti Tuuri, Marko Röhr
COMPOSER: Panu Aaltio
EDITOR: Ben Mercer
PRODUCERS: Hanna Kauppi, Marko Röhr


Marko Röhr

is one of Finland’s most experienced film producers. He has produced 25 feature films, several documentaries and television programs. Since 1992 Marko Röhr has also been directing underwater documentaries including Underwater Iceland, which has won 13 different prizes at film festivals around the world.

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