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2021 | 9 min

The Last Matador

Viimeinen matadori


Once upon a time, there lived an old matador in Barcelona, an unemployed and bitter man. The bullfights were forbidden, the arenas converted into shopping malls. In the end, the forgotten heroes earned their bread only by posing for Russian tourists.

DIRECTOR: Katariina Lillqvist
SCRIPT: Katariina Lillqvist
SOUND: Milos Sommer
SET DESIGN: Katariina Lillqvist
COSTUME DESIGN: Katariina Lillqvist, Helena Zikova
EDITING: Alan Soural
MUSIC: Alec Kopyt
PRODUCER: Katariina Lillqvist
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Film Cooperative Cagliostro
CO-PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Zigedaire Animation (Sweden), FilmsIFotos (Spain), Studio Mamiwata (Czech Republic)


Katariina Lillqvist

is Finnish-born director, producer, writer and journalist who has been working since 1989 in Prague, Czech Republic. In her films and projects she often studies the European mentality through war traumas and minority questions. She has won the Silver Bear from the Berlinale, Special Prize at Annecy and two Finnish State Art Prizes for her achievements in preserving the Roma folklore and bringing minority issues into the public discussion in Finland.

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