Grant announcement: Training support

To whom?

Training support can be granted to people working in the exhibition and distribution of films or at film festivals.


The call for the training support is ongoing. The processing time is approximately 3–10 weeks after the application and all the required appendices have been submitted.

Application period

There are no specified application periods for training support. The application process is continuous.

The aim of the support

The aim of the Finnish Film Foundation is to promote an extensive and comprehensive range and distribution of films by supporting the broad availability and coverage of domestic films on different distribution channels and platforms, as well as a diverse range of international films in Finland.

The aim of training support is to promote the development of the professional skills and competence of people working in the exhibition and distribution of films.

To whom?

Training support can be granted to people working in the exhibition and distribution of films or at film festivals.

For what purpose and how much?

Training support can be granted for the participation of people working in exhibition and distribution, for international training programmes aimed at developing professional skills, and for training events or online courses.

The amount of support
Support can be granted to cover the fee for participating in a training programme and for reasonable travel and accommodation expenses without daily allowance.

Support may be granted in full (100%) for necessary and justified reasons in order to reach stated objectives. Other funding and self-financing of the project are viewed as an advantage.

Training support is paid in one instalment into a Finnish bank account used by the beneficiary against the actual costs charged to The Finnish Film Foundation, in accordance with receipts enclosed with the application.

Previous support decisions can be viewed on the Film Foundation’s support decisions page.

How to apply?

Applications are submitted to the application system by submitting the application and appendices to the Foundation.

Applicants fill in an application in the application system that consists of an electronic application form and the necessary appendices that are uploaded into the system. Support is applied for prior to the commencement of training, and a final report is drawn up after training on the same form. A free-form report about participation in the training programme is written for the Foundation.

Instructions for the application system

Prior to submitting an application, the applicant must read the relevant grant announcement and support guide carefully.


The applicant must submit the Foundation’s to the application system before the deadline:

  • the Foundation’s application and cost clarification form

Appendices to the final report:

  • free-form report about actual training (1–2 pages)
  • certificate of completion of the training (if available)
  • clarification of actual costs with receipts

Application forms can be found on the Foundation’s website:


PLEASE NOTE! The application appendices are uploaded to the relevant application appendices, and named according to the type of appendix.

How are the applications evaluated?

Training support is discretionary. Granting the support is based on overall evaluation and comparison of the applications. The following guidelines are used to evaluate the applications:

Participation in training develops the professional skill and competence of people working in professional roles in exhibition and/or distribution functions. The available funds of the Foundation are also taken into account. Other funding and self-financing of the project are viewed as an advantage.

Participation in, for example, training programmes or events supported by the EU’s Creative Europe programme and targeted at professionals of marketing, distribution and presentation is eligible for training support. Support may also be granted for other international training and online courses.

Special conditions

A prerequisite for a favourable support decision is, for example, that the applicant has complied with possible previous support agreements and conditions set for the granting of support, and has submitted to the Foundation the outstanding final reports on support previously granted. If the applicant has several projects in a support relationship to the Foundation, in this context these can be viewed as a single entity. For the purposes of making a decision, the Foundation may ask the applicant to supplement material that they previously submitted to the Foundation. A prerequisite of being granted support is also that the applicant has submitted up-to-date information to the Foundation about the theatres that they manage.

The costs of a project that receives support must be booked to its own cost centre in the applicant’s bookkeeping.

Support cannot be granted if the application is insufficient and the required information is not uploaded into the online application system despite requests to do so.


The Finnish Film Foundation’s Board decides on the training support based on the CEO’s presentation.

The decision is made at the Foundation board meeting following receipt of the application and its appendices. It takes approximately 3–10 weeks to process applications. Applicants receive written notification.

The decision is based on the Act on the Government’s Support for the Promotion of Film Culture (1174/2018), the Act on Discretionary Government Transfers (688/2001) and the Administrative Procedure Act (434/2003).

Payment of support
Training support is paid in one instalment to the Finnish bank account used by the beneficiary after the support decision.

Further information

Exhibition and Distribution Specialist Ulla Leisio,, tel. 09 6220 3035

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Support guide

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