Kinokupla screening booking form

With the form below, you can book a private ‘Kinokupla’ screening in cinema Kino K13. The booking is binding.

For the Kinokupla screening, you can pick a film that is listed on the page We will verify the availability of the film once we confirm your booking. As you book the screening, you will commit to following age ratings. You can see the rating of each film on the page

The bookings are handled as they come. Mention also if you have needs for accessibility, e.g. if you use a wheelchair (see information on accessibility of the cinema).

We handle the bookings within 1 week. The booking will be paid with an invoice.


  • Mon-Fri 16:00–18:00: 200 euros/screening/10 people + 20 e/additional person 
  • Mon-Thu 18:00–20:00: 250 euros/screening/10 people + 25 e/additional person 
  • Fri 18:00–20:00 and Sat 12:00–18:00: 300 euros/screening/10 people + 30 e/additional person 

Booking information:


  • Choose a film listed on the page
    If yes, make sure that the film has an age rating that allows everyone in your group to attend. The ratings are based on law.