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Fall 2023 | 89 min

Arnold Cautious and the Happiness Stone

Antero Varovainen ja onnenkivi


Julius has a vivid imagination, which worries his parents and his older sister. He is going to start school after the summer, and his family is a bit concerned: how will he fit into the world of school and all its boundaries? Julius’s parents themselves are in the middle of a serious crisis and considering a divorce. Together with his new friend, a “degenerated” vampire Arnold, Julius tries to make a Happiness Stone to solve the issues between his parents and within the family.

DIRECTOR: Arto Halonen
SCRIPTWRITERS: Arto Halonen, Jukka Itkonen
PRODUCER: Arto Halonen


Arto Halonen

Arto Halonen is known for both documentary and fiction films which have been screened internationally. He received the Finland Prize in 2005, in recognition of a notable artistic career. He also received the City of Helsinki Cultural Prize in 2010 and the Humanitarian Award of the European Union in 1998.

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