Finnish Film Industry

Financing for international co-productions

Production support from the Finnish Film Foundation is also available for international co-productions with a Finnish co-producing partner attached.

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Co-producing with the Nordic countries (pdf)

Finnish production companies

Find a Finnish co-production partner with international experience.

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Cash rebate 25%

Interested in filming in Finland? Finland is known for being one of those countries that just works.

Filming in Finland

International distribution support

We are piloting a new support scheme that is aimed at helping international distributors to acquire and market Finnish films in their territories. The support is reserved for theatrical releases and the application period is Aug 9 – Oct 1, 2021.

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Finnish film festivals

Looking for a Finnish festival for your film? We have a variety of festivals around the country.

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Find lists of Finnish organizations in the audiovisual industry, i.e. distributors and film schools.

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