International co-productions

Production support from the Finnish Film Foundation is also available for international co-productions with a Finnish co-producing partner attached.

International fiction, documentary and animation projects are eligible for Production Support from the Finnish Film Foundation when a Finnish production company is attached to the production. Support is available for both majority and minority co-productions.

Eligible international minority co-productions will require:

  • a Finnish co-producer with Finnish distribution rights
  • Finnish technical and/or artistic input (e.g. cast, sound desing, editing etc.)
  • some form of distribution in Finland

The support application is always submitted by the Finnish co-production company.

Other support decision criteria are:

  • relevance for Finnish audiences
  • ongoing collaboration between the co-producing partners

We fund 8 to 10 minority co-productions every year with around one million euros. Funding can range anywhere between 50 000 and 300 000 euros per project depending on the size of the production and the Finnish technical or artistic input.

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Film Commissioner for minority co-productions:

Kari Paljakka

Film Commissioner

• development support and production support: feature films, international minority co-productions
• slate development support
•50/50 production support

+ 358 9 6220 3012