Mailing lists and newsletter

We send a monthly newsletter in Finnish with information about the box office results, granted support, international festivals, publications and other current topics.

We also have two mailing lists: one for our own communications and another called ‘Elokuvatiedotus’ for press releases from the industry. Most of the press releases are in Finnish.

See instructions on how to send press releases to the Elokuvatiedotus list.

You can subscribe to the newsletter and the mailing lists with the form on this page. You can change your subscription or unsubscribe with the same form.

Join the mailing lists

Instructions on how to send press releases to the mailing list

Organizations within the film and audiovisual industry can send press releases to the ‘Elokuvatiedotus’ mailing list. Subscribers are both professionals from the field and public interested in film.

  • Write the topic of the press release in the subject field.
  • Copy-paste the text in the message field. No attachments, no newsletter templates.
  • Add a request to forward the email to Elokuvatiedotus to the beginning of the message, or send a separate email requesting that your message be forwarded.
  • Include contact information at the end of the message.
  • No embargos.
  • Send the mail to

Emails are not forwarded automatically, meaning there is usually a delay in your message going to the mailing list.

Not allowed on the mailing list:

  • marketing messages (incl. marketing of services)
  • messages advertising rental spaces
  • regular newsletters

Finnish Film Foundation is not responsible for the content in the emails forwarded to the mailing list. We reserve the right to refrain from forwarding messages considered inappropriate. The Elokuvatiedotus list is open to all subscribers, so we advice to not send messages intended for a limited audience.