International opportunities for filmmakers

For many filmmakers, the first step towards an international career is participating in an international film festival. International training programmes allow filmmakers to promote their professional skills and to network with operators from various countries.

We also help film industry professionals network internationally at film markets, festivals and other events.

Training programmes

The Finnish Film Foundation has partners at several further education programmes aimed at developing the skills of different film industry professionals on an international level. Partnership agreements are made for one or more years at a time.

Partnerships for 2024:

Creative Europe/Media desk maintains a list of European training programmes:

European training programmes

Travel support

Attending an international film festival helps you build an international network of contacts. We grant travel support for festival visits when filmmakers have been invited to attend an international event with their film.

Please study the grant announcement and support guide carefully when applying for any Finnish Film Foundation grant.

Support guide

European Film Promotion

The Finnish Film Foundation is a member of the European Film Promotion (EFP) organisation. The EFP promotes the visibility of European filmmakers around the world, at film festivals and markets.

The most renowned EFP programmes include Shooting Stars at Berlinale featuring emerging actors, and Producers on the Move at the Cannes Film Festival for producers aiming for an international career.

European Film Promotion

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