International partners

In addition to cooperation within financing and training, we work closely with several international organisations in order to further develop the industry.

European Film Agency Directors (EFAD)

EFAD, the umbrella organisation of the national European film organisations, attends to the interests of the European film industry. The Finnish Film Foundation is a member of EFAD and its CEO, Lasse Saarinen, is a member of the organisation’s Board of Directors.


European Film Agency Research Network (EFARN)

The Finnish Film Foundation is part of the European Film Agency Research Network.  EFARN is a forum for the exchange of
information and best practices, it works towards improving the availability of data on a panEuropean level and collaborates on common projects.

EFARN Research Library

Scandinavian Films

Scandinavian Films is a Nordic umbrella organisation including The Finnish Film Foundation, the Swedish Film Institute, the Norwegian Film Institute, the Danish Film Institute and the Icelandic Film Centre. Scandinavian Films cooperates at film markets, including Marché du film in Cannes, the European Film Market in Berlin, the Toronto Film Festival, the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival market and the IDFA market in Amsterdam.

Scandinavian Films

European Film Promotion

The Finnish Film Foundation is a member of the European Film Promotion (EFP) organisation. The EFP promotes the visibility of European filmmakers around the world, at film festivals and markets. The most renowned EFP programmes include Shooting Stars at Berlinale featuring emerging actors, and Producers on the Move at the Cannes Film Festival for producers aiming for an international career.

European Film Promotion

European Film Awards

The European Film Academy annually awards European film prizes. The Finnish Film Foundation is one of the sponsors of the prize.

European Film Academy

The Nordic Council Film Prize

A Finnish Film Foundation representative participates in the selection of the Finnish candidate for the Nordic Council Film Prize. The representative is also a member of the jury selecting the winner.

Nordic Council Film Prize


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