Service Price List

A VAT of 24 % will be added to all prices.


In accordance with the Transparency Law for Public Officials §34 the Finnish Film Foundation may charge a fee for compiling information and copying documents when those particular services have not been declared free of charge by Section 34 of said Law.

If the documents contain confidental information that must be erased before release (e.g. based on §24, subsection 1, paragraph 20 of the Transparency Law), the work required to erase the confidential information will be charged by the hour.

Copies of Finnish Film Foundation original documents 1st page 5 €

Following pages 0,60 €

Minimum charge 15 € / request
(1–3 documents)

Compiling and providing information 75 € per every starting hour

For standard information requests we will only charge for the time spent printing and copying documents. The time spent compiling the information will not be charged. 

If the requested document has not been specified to include only information found in our databases, we will also charge by the hour for the time spent compiling the information from other sources.

Other services

Expert work
(content, statistics and reports procuded by request)
150 €  per every starting hour

Other fees

Posting and handling In accordance with Post Office tarriffs
Delivery receipt fee In accordance with Post Office tarriffs

Cinema Kino K13 

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