Finnish Film Foundation’s Managing Board and CEO

The Finnish Film Foundation is an independent foundation supervised by the Department for Cultural Policy at the Ministry of Education and Culture. The Foundation is governed by the Managing Board nominated by the ministry and the CEO nominated by the Board. The Managing Director nominates the Foundation´s personnel.

Managing Board

The Foundation’s regulations define the governing bodies and their tasks. The Foundation’s Managing Board consists of at least five and no more than eight members, including the Chair and the Vice Chair, and it is elected for a term of three calendar years. Each member is appointed a personal deputy. Members can be elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

The Managing Board is responsible for:

  • managing the Foundation’s assets diligently and economically
  • overseeing the Foundation’s administration
  • approving the Foundation’s annual report and financial statements, as well as inspecting the financial auditor’s report
  • approving the Foundation’s yearly strategy and budget and choosing the financial auditors
  • approving the Foundation’s procedures and rules and regulations
  • approving support guidelines
  • outlining the Foundation’s strategy and operating policies
  • nominating and dismissing the CEO
  • signing off on all support decisions presented by the Foundation

Finnish Film Foundation’s Managing Board 2022:

Member Period Deputy member Period
Anne Brunila (Chair) 2022–2024 Anna Heiskanen 2022–2024
Tommi Saarikivi (Vice Chair) 2022–2024 Jari Muikku 2022–2024
Antti Alanen 2022–2024 Juha Samola 2022–2024
Laura Kolbe 2022–2024 Raija-Sinikka Rantala 2022–2024
Maija Kuusi 2023–2025 KooPee Hiltunen 2023–2025
Leif Jakobsson 2023–2025 Pirjo Airaksinen 2023–2025

Finnish Film Foundation’s CEO

The CEO of the Finnish Film Foundation is Lasse Saarinen. He was appointed for a second 5-year term in November 2020.

The Foundation’s CEO is responsible for

  • directing and developing the Foundation’s operations according to the strategy and guidelines approved by the Board
  • implementing the decisions taken by the Board
  • managing the administration of the Foundation’s day to day operation
  • nominating and dismissing the Foundation’s personnel

The CEO is appointed for a term of no more than five years with no more than two consequtive terms. Vacancy for a new CEO is always announced publicly.