Shortly Once a Month

Once a month, we organize a short film matinee in our lovely Kino K13 cinema. The screenings are free of charge and subtitled in English (unless mentioned otherwise).

The screenings are curated by Otto Suuronen, International Promotion Advisor for Short Films.

How to find Kino K13

Finnish Film Foundation’s safer space guidelines apply in all our events.

Autumn screenings: 

August 15, 2024 Night of the Arts
September 15, 2024 Night of the Arts Rerun
October 13, 2024 Shortly 10-Year Anniversary Screenings
November 17, 2024 theme to be released
December 21, 2024 International Short Film Day

Booking of the free tickets begins closer to the event.

Thursday, August 15, 2024

Shortly on the Night of the Arts

Traditional short film screenings on the Night of the Arts, two programmes that will be screened twice. Ticket booking starts closer to the screening.

Screening at 18:00 and 20:00:

Ritual for the Rainbow

2023 | Fiction | 19 min
Director & scriptwriter: Sami Sänpäkkilä

Ritual for the Rainbow is a story about four preteens who live outside of society’s safety nets due to domestic violence. Ariel, Rupi, Liisa, and Hemmo make a living by shooting rats at a junkyard and collecting empty bottles. They lack role models and authority figures until they meet a Wiccan who organises rituals to teach them confidence and how to combat violence and patriarchy — for a fee, of course.

Impivaara – A New World

2023 | Experimental | 26 min
Director & scriptwriter: Patrik Söderlund

Impivaara – A New World adapts Finnish national author Aleksis Kivi’s novel Seven Brothers (1870) for the 21st Century. The emphasis is on climate crisis, the energetic basis of our culture and the co-dependencies of human and more-than-human worlds.

Screening at 19:00 and 21:00:


2024 | Documentary | 16 min
Directors & scriptwriters: Kristiina Karsten, Otso Reunanen & Silja Salmi

Middle-aged priest Late Mäntylä has realized that having a beard allows them to reflect their inner self more authentically through their outward appearance. Makeup artist Kata Launonen has offered to show Late how to create one. The afternoon spent in the beauty salon represents the culmination of Late’s life-long journey of becoming themself.


2023 | Experimental/Documentary | 10 min
Directors & scriptwriters: Arttu Nieminen & Hans Pieski

Water is flowing as a metaphor for the Sámi under modern-day pressure.

One of Us

2024 | Documentary/Animation/Experimental | 19 min
Director & scriptwriter: Niina Vuorisara

A short documentary about sibling violence and monster of aggression told through animation, live-action scenes and archival material.

Further information

Otto Suuronen

Advisor / International Promotion and Cultural Export of Short Films

• festival distribution strategy for short films and short documentary films
• travel, project and material and marketing support for short films and short documentary films
• monthly short film screenings at Kino K13
• curating short film programmes

+ 358 9 6220 3019

Reeta Onninen

Cinema Manager

• bookings and billing
• cinema projectionist

+358 9 6220 3027