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Fabulous Cow Ladies


Three cows – Joy, Crumb and Sweetie – live in the forest. Joy is the grandma and Crumb is its child. Sweetie is Joy’s granddaughter who was born as a surprise on the pasture. Three women take care of the cows, and the cows of the women as well. Fabulous Cow Ladies is an immersion in nature, a film about the cycle of life and importance of community. The matriarchal gang of the three veterinarians and their cows is called FCL – Fabulous Cow Ladies. 

CINEMATOGRAPHY: Marita Hällfors, Heikki Färm, Mia Halme
SOUND: Janne Laine
EDITING: Hanna Kuirinlahti, Heli Kota
MUSIC: Lau Nau


Mia Halme

Mia Halme is a filmmaker who tends to look behind the scenes of private life as well as hierarchies of society. Themes of her films are often related to the dignity of life. She is known for her documentary miniseries First Five for HBO and her film Forever Yours (2011) which won the Finnish film award Jussi for Best Documentary as well as the Best Direction Award at Visions du Réel. Her film Every Other Couple (2016) premiered at DOK Leipzig and was selected to Toronto's Hot Docs . People We Come Across (2021) premiered at Hot Docs .

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