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2024 | 9 min

Flower Show


Girls have been cultivated like flowers for generations. Courteous formality, allusive sexuality and mysterious nature entwine at the annual flower show. The poetic, fragmented film portrays a story of females confronted with different expectations and demands.

Festivals: IFF Rotterdam / Tiger Short Competition 2024, Nijmegen Go Short / Competition 2024, Annecy / Official Short Films Competition 2024
: Elli Vuorinen
SCRIPT: Elli Vuorinen
PRODUCERS: Kimmo Sillanmikko, Jani Lehto
SALES: Miyu Distribution


Elli Vuorinen

Elli Vuorinen is an independent animation director living and working in rural Finland. Although her approach is often humoristic and surreal, her work deals with deeper themes like melancholy, solitude and hope. Her five previous films have been widely screened at festivals around the world and received several awards. She graduated from the animation department in Turku Arts Academy in 2011.

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