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2023 | 80 min

The Gamer


Ever since he was a child, a young gamer called Bona has been trying to find his way in the harsh world of esports and now under a professional contract. Bona is very talented in CS:GO, but his mental side fails him every time he is on the verge of success, always resulting in second place.
Bona seeks help from the world’s best esports psychologist Mia. The sessions with her set him on a path to self-discovery to become a better player – and a person. Unexpectedly, another player – his old nemesis from the past – comes to steal his position in the team. The mentorship between the psychologist and Bona is in the key role, while he must figure out how to balance the conflicts, burden of pressure and his dreams before his professional contract runs out.
World premiere: CPH:DOX Nordic:Dox Competition 2023, Nordisk Panorama Documentary Competition 2023
DIRECTORS: Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen
SCRIPTWRITERS: Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen, Jussi Sandhu
CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Jesse Jokinen, Petri Luukkainen
EDITOR: Jussi Sandhu
SOUND DESIGN: Juho Luukkainen
CO-PRODUCER: Erik Winker / CORSO Film
PRODUCERS: Liisa Karpo, Marianne Mäkelä
SALES: Syndicado



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