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2024 | 75 min

Hayflower, Quiltshoe and the Chicken

Heinähattu, Vilttitossu ja kana


Hayflower starts her summer holiday on a badminton camp which is ruined by Cynthia, a runaway chicken. Quiltshoe makes a new friend, Anita, who, to everyone's surprise, turns out to be a chicken. Under the leadership of constables Bellybutton and Goggleclock, a big chicken hunt is launched.

DIRECTOR: Reetta Aalto
SCRIPTWRITERS: Sinikka Nopola, Tiina Nopola, Emma Nopola, Lenka Hellstedt
PRODUCER: Anni Pänkäälä


Reetta Aalto

Reetta Aalto is a Helsinki-based Finnish film director of both fiction and documentary films. Her filmography includes the drama-comedy Laughing Matters (2020), set in the world of stand up comedy, and Force of Habit (2019), the award-winning feature film by seven female writer-directors. Aalto has an MA in Documentary Film from Aalto University (ARTS) and an MA in Russian Language and Literature from the University of Helsinki. Hayflower, Quiltshoe and the Chicken is her first family film.

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