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In production | 73 min

In the Borderland



The Russian attack on Ukraine in 2022 turned the European worldview upside down. In Parikkala, a small town in Eastern Finland near the Russian border, this soon becomes very real as the iron curtain lowers again on the Finno-Russian border. The locals are faced both with a future that is unknown and the heavy historical baggage of the borderland.

DIRECTOR: Elina Hyvärinen
SCRIPT: Elina Hyvärinen
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jarkko M. Virtanen
SOUND: Janne Laine
EDITING: Nikke Bagge
MUSIC: Emil Sana
PRODUCER: Mina Laamo


Elina Hyvärinen

Elina Hyvärinen is a documentary filmmaker living in Helsinki. She graduated from Aalto University in 2017. In addition to her career in film, Hyvärinen is a television and newspaper journalist. Her debut film Mothers was awarded a Special Mention at the Tampere Film Festival in 2012. Hyvärinen has a special interest in people, phenomena and the way human communities work. She wants to use her work for the promotion of equality and non-discrimination of people.

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