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Spring 2024 | approx. 70 min

Itty Bitty Princess

Prinsessa Pikkiriikki


Itty Bitty Princess is living her dream of being the only child in a family until her parents tell her she will be a big sister soon. Together with her magic dog and princess neighbor, they go on an adventure to find their own fancy princess castle to move in.

DIRECTOR: Lauri Maijala
SCRIPTWRITERS: Tuuli Kanervankallio, Hannele Lampela
SET DESIGN: Santtu Toivola
MAKE-UP DESIGN: Riikka Virtanen
COSTUME DESIGN: Tiina Kaukanen
SOUND DESIGN: Ville Katajala
MUSIC: Markus Fagerudd
EDITING: Inka Lahti
CAST: Ada Pusa, Minni Kuivalainen, Valo Kortesmäki, Marja Packalén, Leena Uotila, Joel Hirvonen, Vilma Kinnunen, Helmi-Leena Nummela, Joonas Saartamo, Tom Petäjä
PRODUCER: Tia Ståhlberg


Lauri Maijala

Lauri Maijala is a multitalented artist: theatre director, actor, and writer known for his raucous and wild works. He has directed over 30 plays for several different theaters. His first feature film for theatrical distribution was Diary of a Drunk (2012). He has also directed the miniseries Activists (2018).

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