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Iida (76), a Skolt Sámi woman who has adopted the mainstream Finnish way of life, lives poor and alone in Southern Finland. One day a stranger, Sanna (31), appears behind her door and announces that she is Iida’s niece. Iida learns that her sister, Anni, has died and their childhood home up north needs to be sold. They begin a trip that takes them through generations of family tradition on three different time levels.
Je’vida is a story of memory, survival and personal growth. At the core are a little Skolt girl and her family. The main character, Je’vida, is seen in the film at the age of 10, as an adult, and as a 76-year-old ageing woman in the present time where she uses the Finnish name Iida.
DIRECTOR: Katja Gauriloff
SCRIPT: Katja Gauriloff, Niillas Holmberg
PRODUCERS: Joonas Berghäll, Satu Majava


Katja Gauriloff

Katja Gauriloff is a film director, screenwriter and a co-owner of the production company Oktober. Her documentary films Canned Dreams and Kaisa's Enchanted Forest both screened at Berlinale and at various other international film festivals. Her first feature fiction Baby Jane came out in 2019.

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