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In production | 87 min

Light Light Light

Valoa valoa valoa


In the spring of 1986, there is an explosion in Chernobyl and a girl called Mimi arrives in a small village in western Finland. She immediately fills 15-year-old Mariia’s life with radiating light. 20 years later Mariia returns home to take care of her sick mother, and memories of that meaningful summer start rising to the surface.

DIRECTOR: Inari Niemi
SCRIPT: Juuli Niemi
PRODUCER: Oskari Huttu
SALES: Intramovies


Inari Niemi

Inari Niemi (b. 1978) studied in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Science, graduating in 2010. She has directed thefeature documentary Robin the Movie (2012), two light-hearted drama features Summertime (2014) and Wonderland (2017), and the drama series Mieheni vaimo (Yle, 2022). Niemi was also one of the directors in the Force of Habit anthology (2019) produced by Tuffi Films.

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