• fantasy/science fiction ,
  • comedy ,
  • drama ,
  • Short films
2023 | 35 min

Loading Love


The programmer Kira and the synth composer Henrik live in a vaning relationship. Henrik catches Kira seemingly having virtual sex, although she claims she's only working. Henrik breaks into the VR program, and indeed meets Kira's lover: a virtual clone of Henrik himself! And this VR-Henrik surpasses Henrik on all levels. But when Henrik tries to come between Kira and VR-Henrik, he falls in love with his own clone. All relations fall apart. In the end Kira and Henrik reunite in mutual care for VR-Henrik: they give him a copy of himself to have as a lover.

DIRECTOR: Viktor Granö
SCRIPT: Viktor Granö
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Jonatan Sundström
SOUND: Ville Katajala
SET DESIGN: Kari Kankaanpää
COSTUME DESIGN: Anna Sinkkonen
EDITING: Inka Lahti
MUSIC: Viktor Granö
CAST: Elmer Bäck, Jessica Grabowsky, Nina Hukkinen
PRODUCER: Viktor Granö


Viktor Granö

Viktor Granö (b. 1985) has worked as a film critic, essayist and radio documentarist, mainly for the Finnish Broadcasting Company, after his studies in philosophy and literature. In 2017, he founded the production company Ljud och bild, and made his debut as a film maker with the essay film The Theseus Complex (2018). His short fiction films include A Chamber Play (2018) and Loading Love (2022).

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