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2024 | 20 min

Magnifica: Passive Intruder

Magnifica: Kutsumaton vieras


Magnifica: Passive Intruder is a film about the coexistence of Finnish people in their summer houses and an uninvited visitor called Pectinatella Magnifica. The arrival of the green and slimy blobs among the safe and familiar environment brings uncomfortable feelings in the self-indulgent middle-class. Some react in astonishment and attempt to annihilate the strange creature, but others have a less prejudiced approach.

DIRECTOR: Ville Koskinen
SRIPTWRITER: Ville Koskinen
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Krasimir Jovanovic Hyvärinen
SOUND: Claes Lundberg
EDITING: Hanna Kaihlanen
MUSIC: Alsa Ojala
CAST: Juha Hippi, Aatos Höglund, Eedla Höglund, Sanna Maksimainen
CO-PRODUCERS: Ashley Smith, Mario Adamsson and Kajsa Dines / Sisyfos Film Production
PRODUCER: Sandra Enkvist


Ville Koskinen

Ville Koskinen is a filmmaker and Master of Fine Arts from the Time and Space Department at the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki. Everlasting battles and giving up have been ongoing themes in his work. Koskinen’s works have been described as adventure films where the adventure never begins. His films have been screened and awarded worldwide.

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