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Mother of Snow Cranes

Kurkien äiti


Ellen Vuosalo is an ornithologist who has become famous for her Siberian snow crane conservation work in Iran. She was born in Canada in 1931 to a family of Finnish immigrants. Today she is known in Iran by her nickname Mother of Cranes. Mother of Snow Cranes is a film about the relationship between man and nature, the meaning of life and the role of women in Western and Iranian cultures over the last hundred years.

DIRECTOR: Iiris Härmä
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Visa Koiso-Kanttila
SOUND: Janne Laine
EDITING: Tuuli Kuittinen
MUSIC: Per Störby Jutbring
PRODUCER: Visa Koiso-Kanttila


Iiris Härmä

Iiris Härmä is an experienced director and producer. In over 20 years of filmmaking, she has journeyed around the world from the Japanese humanoid robot laboratories to the lands of indigenous people in Kenya. Her films have dealt with current and timeless topics such as youth marginalization, loneliness, gender equality, development cooperation, the age of artificial intelligence and nature conservation. Her films have gained international attention at film festivals such as IDFA, Hotdocs and Nordisk Panorama and have been broadcast on numerous channels and platforms (incl. ARTE, NHK, Netflix) around the world. Härmä is a co-founder of Guerilla Films production company.

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