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My Reality

My Reality


My Reality is a documentary film about women who have decided to reclaim the respect they lost after partaking in reality TV. Eeva-Leena “Eevis” Keskinen (31), Mira Ahola (27) and Meiju Koskela (30) participated in reality TV to achieve their dreams. Instead of having the time of their lives, all of their aspirations were crushed. The public humiliation in the shows and media, drive the women to make a change in their lives and embark on a journey to reclaim their self-image and speak their own truth.

DIRECTORS: Milja-Liina Moilanen, Eveliina Pasanen
SCREENWRITERS: Milja-Liina Moilanen, Eveliina Pasanen
CO-PRODUCER: Hanna Markkanen / WG Film
PRODUCERS: Elli Toivoniemi, Juha Löppönen


Milja-Liina Moilanen

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