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2024 | 76 min




Aida, a child on the autism spectrum, decides to fix the society’s structures that hinder her studies with the help of her caregiver mother Johanna. The determined child challenges the existing norms to advance acceptance and equality. Political influencing takes time and energy. Can the daughter-mother-duo change the society that only offers sympathy?

DIRECTOR: Maija Hirvonen
SCRIPTWRITER: Maija Hirvonen
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Anna Antsalo, Marita Hällfors
SOUND: Tuomas Klaavo
EDITING: Sabina Köteleki
MUSIC: Salla Luhtala
PRODUCER: Juha Löppönen


Maija Hirvonen

Maija Hirvonen is a freelance documentary director based in Turku, Finland. She graduated as Master of Arts majoring in documentary film directing from Aalto University in 2013. Hirvonen has worked as director, scriptwriter and cinematographer. Neurotypes is her first feature length documentary. Prior to Neurotypes she has directed short films The Move (2016) and Cat Trap (2013).

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