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Early 2025 | approx. 90 min

Never Alone

Ei koskaan yksin


In the crucible of 1942, amid Finland's uneasy alliance with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union, an elderly Jewish man becomes the beacon of hope. His relentless quest to defy the shadows of history by shielding Jewish refugees from the tenacious grip of the Gestapo ignites a high-stakes battle against time and tyranny.

DIRECTOR: Klaus Härö
SCRIPTWRITERS: Klaus Härö, Jimmy Karlsson
PRODUCER: Ilkka Matila
PRODUCTION COMPANY: MRP Matila Röhr Productions
SALES: The Playmaker Munich


Klaus Härö

Klaus Härö is an award-winning film director from Finland. His fifth feature film The Fencer (2015) was shortlisted for an Oscar and nominated for a Golden Globe in the Best Foreign Language Film category in 2016. His previous works also include Elina, As If I Wasn’t There (Crystal Bear Berlinale 2003), Mother of Mine (2005), Letters to Father Jacob (2009), One Last Deal (2018), and the English-language drama My Sailor, My Love (2022).

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