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Summer 2024 | 85 min

Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights

Niko ja myrskyporojen arvoitus


When two young flying reindeers Niko and Stella compete to become a member of Santa's Flying Forces they soon realise the race is not their only test. They must join forces to meet their biggest challenge – to find Santa's stolen sleigh on the night before Christmas!

DIRECTOR: Kari Juusonen
CO-DIRECTOR: Jørgen Lerdam
SCRIPTWRITERS: Kari Juusonen, Hannu Tuomainen, Marteinn Thorisson
EDITING: Ben Mercer
MUSIC: Eímear Noone
CO-PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Ulysses Films, Moetion Films, A.Film Production
PRODUCERS: Antti Haikala, Hannu Tuomainen, Emely Christians, Moe Honan, Anders Mastrup
PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Animaker with Anima Vitae and Cinemaker
SALES: Global Screen


Kari Juusonen

Kari Juusonen is one of the most successful Finnish animation directors, having directed the international feature hits Niko & The Way to to Stars (2008) and Niko 2 – Little Brother, Big Trouble (2012) as well as the upcoming third instalment, Niko – Beyond the Northern Lights (2024). Aside from the box office hits, Kari has directed several animated short films as well as series like Angry Birds – Stella and Angry Birds Toons for Rovio and Momolu for Ferly Animation. In 2001, Kari won the Prix du Jury in Cannes for his short film Pizza Passionata.

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