• thriller/horror ,
  • Short films
2024 | 15 min

Peppermint Diesel 20%


Two women take hostage a man they mistake for an aggressor in a gas station. The three of them enact a ritualistic performance of revenge in a flamboyant filmset.

DIRECTOR: Mariangela Pluchino
SCRIPT: Mariangela Pluchino
CINEMATOGRAPHY: Kerttu Hakkarainen
SOUND: Arttu Hokkanen
SET DESIGN: Helena Aleksandrova
COSTUME DESIGN: Kaisa Pohjola, Helena Aleksandrova
EDITING: Stavros Symeonidis
MUSIC: Paradox Obscur
CAST: Katja Kiuru, Laura Cemin, Maikon Kempinski, Saara Hasan, Daniele Secondi
PRODUCER: Danai Anagnostou


Mariangela Pluchino

Mariangela Pluchino (b. 1991 in Maracay, Venezuela), is a psychologist and filmmaker. After finishing her studies to become a psychologist from the University of Costa Rica, she transitioned to audiovisual media through a master in Documentary Filmmaking from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

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